I dreamed beautifully last night,
of myself and the rain.
It called to me softly,
and it hauntingly sang...
"I see inside your crying my dear.
I know your sad tale of woe.
Inside your heart is drowning my dear.
But tonight, a slight reprieve you will know."
I sat a spell, in wonderment,
for the voice was nary but soft.
And in my gloom I questioned,
what surly was and was not.
I placed my hands about my ears,
and I screamed,"Surely I have gone mad!"
But in the din, my soul gave in,
to nature’s wondrous trance.
And the voice, it spoke softly to me,
with a sound so pure and good.
My soul took flight, to unimaginable heights, and for once the world was kind.
"You have lost much faith." The rain began,” And your heart is filled with pain, but wounds can heal, and natures loving hands can fill the void that shackles your soul. Take hold my rhythm,
and let it be. Let my beat drown out your fears. Let me stroke you, caress, and provoke you until you are finally freed."
I pondered, for but a moment, then allowed it control of me. I arose from my seat, and walked with bare feet, to where the rain would lead me.
I found myself outside in a field of flowers, and the rain splashed down upon me. It felt wild, untamed,
as it washed away my shame,
and I knew, that God had finally found me.
I began to laugh and weep,
I felt numb, in my feet.
I shuttered, and then fell into a trance.
Then, with my eyes a glaze, and my arms out-raised; I danced, and I danced, and I danced!
I danced in an old age beat.
Yes! The drum was as ancient as time!
And oh! How my body found its own rhythm!
Yes, I was wet! But I felt purely divine!
The rain ran down in droplets.
It fell between my breasts.
It dripped off my nose,
and slid between my lips.
The taste was like pure honey!
And I thirsted as though I were parched.
Then I laughed! For I thought, "Oh how funny, that at one time, I felt I was lost?"
Suddenly, my legs gave out!
I fell to the grass,
then I slid about, in a hysterical kind of motion.
The I wept, laughed, wept, then laughed; until at last, I began to shout!
"How dare life attempt to make a fool of me!
How dare it even try!
How dare I, let it get the best of me, and allow it to break my spirit!
Indeed! The rain has helped me see, helped me see the folly of my ways.
All this time I fooled myself,
never being able to see...
that in my haste, to think life a waste, I had failed to open my eyes.
For the monster is only as terrible as I allowed him to be!
I lay in a field of flowers.
All was silent around me.
The wind stopped blustering,
and the rain had ceased to be.
I lay in a field of flowers.
The quiet enveloped me.
I lay in a field of flowers.
I lay in a field of flowers.
My pain had ceased to be.

By: Aleathea Simmons
I wrote this poem as an escape from my reality. It has inspired me to take control of my life. I am so afraid Of being alone with two children, and nothing but an unknown future to look forward to. I thank you for the amazing stories. They, like my poem, inspire me.

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