Tips received to date:


Rec'd Friday February 16 via e-mail: Keep any threatening phone messages that you get. Let the police and/or youe lawyer hear them before recording them to an audio tape. They sometimes get distorted in the transfer therefore not being as understandable as before.
When emailing, calling, or texting back always keep a cool head. You never want to stoop to their level of irratic behaviour, name calling, swearing or threats.
Keep a paper trail... Bank records, emails, text messages, print them or photo copy anything that can show a pattern of behaviour. Whether it be trips to the beer store, threats, anything.
Keep a diary of exact events and specifics. When asked later your memory may not be as good at recalling the facts.
If the abuse could lead to something dangerous, always keep someone nearby to be able to step in.

Thank you S.

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